PopUp Stands

Pop-up stands for all events.

Pop-up stands are printed back wall displays made up of a frame structure and graphic panels. Pop-up displays are portable and more versatile than roller banners. Due to their large surfaces, designers can let their creativity flow and produce visually stunning backdrops. These pop up-stands are predominantly used for promotional events, photo backdrops, award ceremonies and exhibitions.

Custom PopUp Stand for your business.

EasyStands offers a wide selection of pop-up stands with multiple sizes and shapes available to maximize the space you have. In addition, EasyStands also offers custom-made pop-ups, allowing the creation of highly personalized designs and shapes to ensure you stand out from the rest. 

High-quality PopUp Stands at EasyStands

As a designer and manufacturer, EasyStands always aim for superior performance. EasyStands is a manufacturer that utilizes its exclusive production facility in Asia and because of this, reliability, total control of all aspects of factory production, and quality is assured. In addition, new materials and manufacturing processes have enabled us to streamline our designs. Because of that, our pop-up stands consist of fewer parts, resulting in an easy assembly process, so much so, that users can modify the stands themselves.

Are you curious about the possibilities these types of stands can offer your event? Feel free to contact us and we can discuss the possibilities and guide you through our range.