Stay visible at every event with our lighting products.

EasyStands has the ideal lighting for your displays. With the right lighting, your pop-up stands and banners will help capture the attention of visitors or potential customers, even in low light environments, ensuring your displays will be visible.

Lighting for your banners and pop-up stands.

EasyStands has different kinds of lights for banners. Our mains voltage banner stand lights fit almost any roller banner, not just our own and avoids the cost of a transformer. In addition, our pop-up lights are available with Halogen or LED options and fit other manufacturers displays, not just our own.

Lighting at EasyStands

EasyStands understands that our customers purchase our displays and accessories for the purpose of generating business. Therefore, the purpose of EasyStands is to design and manufacture products that are fit for purpose. With our production facility in Asia, quality control and value for money are assured. With new materials and manufacturing processes, designs are streamlined, consisting of fewer parts for cheaper prices. EasyStands is continuously improving our manufacturing processes to provide the highest quality lighting at unbeatable prices.

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