EasyGrip Tapes

EasyGrip Tapes
  • EasyGrip Tapes

High-tack double-sided adhesive tape 20mm x 100m used for mounting banners to leaders, and many other general graphics applications with a Glassine release liner.

Very-high-tack double-sided, pressure-activated acrylic adhesive tape 12mm x 50m used for mounting leaders to rollers inside retractable banner stands, and other graphics applications demanding very high adhesion, such as our adhesive rail on cheap roll-up stands with a Red PVC release liner.

Panel Magtape 30m (5-pole "A") with UV coating to protect against marking, with more pull force than the standard 3 pole tape most others supply. This strong magnetic tape has so many alternative uses, not just pop-up panels, and is manufactured for us in the Midlands with opposite polarity available.

Velcro® hook & loop tape in 20mm or 40mm widths for textile pop ups, EasyChange quick roller banner replacements or any other use you can think of. Seriously strong grip.

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