Remote Working Backgrounds

The COVID pandemic taught us all a few lessons, one of them being how unprepared we are at working at home.
We’ve all either experienced, heard of or seen viral videos online of everyday people frantically covering up unsightly areas of their homes whilst attending online meetings. It was then only natural that most senior business managers wanted a professional approach to their scheduled online meetings.

What better way than to use our highly portable exhibition and display solutions!
Perfect for Client Meetings, Interviews, Patient Liaison, Sales Calls, Team Collaborations etc.

Most take a minute or so to set up and can be stored back into the bag provided for longevity.

Adjustable height and width or fixed sizes, you choose.
Instantly and easily transform any room into a professional setting with these printable backdrops.


easystands applications - remote work 1.png easystands applications - remote work 2.png