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EasyStands® is well aware that customers for our products do not buy them either from ourselves to resell or from our resellers, simply because they would like to have them, like a nice meal or a holiday. Our products are only ever purchased for the purpose of generating business for those who sell or use them. Their purpose is not to “be”, but to “perform”. Our purpose is to design and manufacture products which out-perform, and out-last, at lower cost of ownership.

Engineered for superior performance

We are a genuine manufacturer with an exclusive production facility in Asia that supplies all our needs. The fact that we don’t import from third-party factories in China means we have total control of all aspects of factory production. Therefore we can ensure not only total quality, but also much better value for money as there is no middle-man between us and our customers.


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New materials and manufacturing processes have enabled us to streamline our designs; fewer parts means cheaper prices, better reliability, and easier assembly.




With our own production, we are able to guarantee the quality of our products. We are constantly improving designs and manufacturing processes enabling us to provide quality at unbeatable prices.



We can meet your demands from 10-10,000 and always hold stock of spare parts.

Who do we supply?

EasyStands is a trade-only supplier to resellers, with no direct sales operation to end-users. We welcome enquiries from anyone who can be redirected when necessary.

With many hundreds of resellers of our products, primarily wide-format graphics producers and sign companies, but also other printers, print managers, office supplies, stationery and promotional products websites, paper and printer suppliers and various forms of the middleman (including very many on eBay and Amazon), the only control we can have over the quality of advice which is offered about the products is when that advice is either published by us or freely offered by our own qualified staff.