Internal showcase
Giving products a real presence on your stand is easily achieved by integrating an Easy
Stands® showcase. A full 73.3 cm of height allows you to build in shelves, either angled for literature or flat for product display. Extra visual impact comes from optional built-in downlighting.

Showcases are available for both curved AND straight frames.
Height: 73.3cm,
Width: As panels
Depth: 31.0cm

There's a choice of two different lights for your
PopUp® displays — floodlight or spot.
With UK and EU safety approval, they are robust, proven and fitted with long-life bulbs. They also come in their own optional padded bags for maximum protection, if you wish.
  The halogen floodlight gives light over a large surface area. With hub or scissor bracket options when you order, you choose where the lights go.

  EasyLight™ for pop-ups, CE certified, double-insulated LED 20w, 110-240VAC 1800 lumens, with scissor bracket, 3.5m EU lead (2-pin.)
Choice of adapators for these lights for UK use if required, either fused or not fused. Can also be used in USA with plug adaptor to US sockets.
This light is much more powerful than others we have seen, and does a much better job. Compare Lumens of light, not watts.
Cases are available in four different sizes with wheels for ease of use — providing first-class protection for your display stand and graphics while in transit. Made from moulded plastic, all model's except EasyCase™ Lite double up as acounter unit for your stand. It can be covered with fabric or a graphic wrap for advertising, and are great for leaning on when you’re at an exhibition.
Graphics travel inside the same case for transport with no additional cargo to carry.
counter top-beach-laminate-easy-stands
"beech" folding wooden counter-top available with larger models

Panel Mountings
Two key components ensure every display panel fits easily and firmly into place. A top hookstrip neatly secures the panel onto the frame, and multi-pole magtape marries panel and magbar together for a perfect fit with the next one all the way to the bottom.
Accurate graphic registration is designed-into Easy

Genuine hookstrips, magnetic tape and PVC substrate are supplied to ensure graphic panels can be manufactured for you to our strict specifications. Flimsy panels don’t perform and they don’t last!

We supply panel care stickers for every panel to ensure you know how to look after them.
If your panels do not have these stickers, let us know and we’ll provide them.