A big, big feature of the EasyRoll Banner® is just that - it's big! We supply this model from stock in widths of 60, 80, 85, 100, 120, 150, 200, 240 and a massive 320cm wide.
All for either one or two-banner displays that really knock the competition sideways.
The giant 3.2m twin stand provides 15m2 of graphic display in only 23cm of floor depth!

Size does matter!

Stable and efficient
Its solid base is designed for a low centre of gravity, without the need for additional support feet.
At a floor depth of only 23cm this stand occupies almost HALF the space of cheaper options which need swing-out feet to stay upright (ours included.) Where floorspace is at a premium, EasyRoll Banner® is a clear winner.
Our 50 watt mains voltage light avoids the need for costly transformers and works with twin stands as well as singles.Easy_Roll_Banner_Light
Padded carry bag and substantial 5-ply box hold your
Roll Banner® neatly and safely, while for those that will be seeing more than their fair share of travelling, there is also a flight case available. It might even reduce your insurance premium?
85cm EasyRoll Banner® in padded bag weighs under 7kg with one banner and under 8kg with two. (Box and case add extra weight.) Our bags show you which graphic is in there!Easy_Roll_Banner_Bag