This is a hugely popular model — and it’s easy to see why. Either standard or telescopic poles are simplicity itself to use and your graphic is quite separate, letting you change your promotional message as often as you want. Simply change EasyRail™ from one banner to another — by untrained staff, anywhere at all.
Once the stand is working for you on location, all you have to do is send new promotional graphics — weighing less than 1 kg — to refresh your campaign.
85cm width unless you want wider .
easy_banner_stands_exhibition easybanner_animation
Wide, wider and wider still
EasyBanner® Joinable can be seamlessly connected to give unbroken graphics of almost any width — easily transportable and very cost effective.
To achieve this you will need EasyJoin™ — simply ask your EasyStands® supplier for details when ordering. easybanner_banner_rollup_popup